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Twenty minutes later, two dogs that were adopted on Saturday have been brought back because they peed inside the house.Three cats come in – all from the same place – their owner died and the daughter wants nothing to do with litter boxes.

A staff member takes home the elderly golden retriever to administer meds and free up a kennel. And the shelter has room for 4 more cats and no more dogs.When a recently adopted dog is picked up as a stray and the ‘owner’ says to just keep him, the worker who did the adoption kneels down in front of those questioning eyes and promises, it will be better.And when it isn’t – when no one chooses them, when the shelter runs out of space – their hearts break completely. The ugly truth of the animal shelter isn’t the workers pulling up the syringe of pentobarbital.Potential adopters stroll up and down the aisles, peering into kennels. A young woman brings her son to see the animals, only to turn right around and leave when she finds out it’s a ‘kill shelter.’ She pauses just long enough to look over her shoulder in disgust at the front desk workers, her gaze saying,”How can you be so cruel?The mutt with a gentle soul and good manners is given barely a glance as one couple shakes their heads and leave, complaining that there were no yorkies. ” Another potential adopter wants a dog who is housebroken and already knows commands for sit, stay, lay down, shake, roll over, play dead.She had euthanized 700 animals in two years – many of whom were healthy and perfectly adoptable.

The fact was there was no space to keep them and no one to want them. But animal rights activists threatened her and called her a butcher. Distraught by the overwhelming burden of euthanizing animals who have nowhere else to go and being labeled nothing short of a killer by her fellow humans, she injected herself with euthanasia drugs from the shelter. Anger swelled inside me: this woman’s life has needlessly ended.You might find this post unpleasant or perhaps, dare I say, offensive …. You’ve been warned** An article caught my eye the other day.It told the story of a vet, , who worked at an animal shelter in Taiwan.Two 1-year-old labs are dropped off – baby on the way so no more time for high-energy dogs.A litter of kittens come in with their mama, still nursing. Officer One has brought in 7 cats – three from traps and four abandoned – and 4 dogs, all without collars, tags or microchips.And yet Tuesday will come with more dogs and more cats.

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    From the outside looking in, it can sometimes be baffling.

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