Updating excel files

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Excel spreadsheets have been used since the release of Arc GIS 8 to prepare and import tabular data into a GIS.Previous editor Monica Pratt wrote "Working with Excel in Arc GIS." In 2007, the author wrote another article on the same topic, "Mapping and Modeling Groundwater Geochemistry." Since these articles were published, Microsoft has released two new versions, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.

Navigate to the Battle_Mountain folder and locate the XLSFiles folder. This Excel 2010 spreadsheet contains two worksheets named Rock$ and Soil$.Field samples include Hydrogeochemical Stream Sediment Reconnaissance (HSSR) points plus custom soil and rock data.In this exercise, we will model a well-known gold and base metals mining area in northern Nevada, located near the town of Battle Mountain.With each release, spreadsheet capabilities have improved and the processes for importing data into Arc GIS have changed.This article updates and refines rules and procedures for importing Excel 2003 files into Arc GIS 9.x.This data is often used as part of a regional reconnaissance program. Now, try a similar approach with Rock_Data.csv, using Excel to replace undesirable values.

This approach is much more powerful, but also dangerous.

If you have Office 2003 or 2010 installed, you can read files, but you will need to install the 2007 Office System Driver to read files.

If you do not have Microsoft Excel installed, you must install the 2007 driver before you can use either or files.

Many organizations keep valuable data in Microsoft Excel and comma-separated values (CSV) files.

Learn a methodology for importing data kept in Excel and CSV files into Arc GIS that has been updated for Arc GIS 10 and Microsoft Office 2007/2010.

The custom samples are typical of data that might come from the field, assayed by a modern analytic laboratory.