Updating rubygems leopard

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Updating rubygems leopard - who is ty pennington dating 2016

If you find one, please open an issue on Git Hub and mention me (@kaspth) on it, so that we can fix it before the final release.

Webpacker 3.0 points to what a Webpack-by-default strategy could look like in Rails 6.0.

Here are the checksums for 4.2.10.rc1: $ shasum -a 256 *-4.2.10.rc191f279396cd0757784445294a0422c37113a6d49c856ed1b6ce60cd2d6cd4c57 actionmailer-4.2.10.rc12f582b5c3b42dea2a877af76812168ad721b583f501c748c32699686d8996c6e actionpack-4.2.10.rc11f587908650b6e96a500de3ccbeb229e8ffe1b8a06bbadc930acad762dd70503 actionview-4.2.10.rc1b68b1e2475e6cb118a66c9b1daa172965b634b311e81e6ec686f819f0c71c1c4 activejob-4.2.10.rc118507309ed0f00f5a6ffc09da1df5076f016f516ce8e7afe2b4138353ca7c915 activemodel-4.2.10.rc153a094625fe76d353d95cfd5cf0d989e5f0f18572cded546e3942e2647fdac5e activerecord-4.2.10.rc1e4bb02e67d57e9c52fbe0f90b367eb653f4906351b470ce60b34556bb5710b96 activesupport-4.2.10.rc19e43e2cda17c4d68b65eff9ef4df6c62c87a0f5779a612fd3dc06e80f0182c7c rails-4.2.10.rc1360a5c67a78c5fffaa27c6caa6ae4663d49ab675507ed61f95d2f51869b671b4 railties-4.2.10.rc1We’ve just made it even easier to use Webpack with Rails with this third major release of Webpacker.

The two big changes are that a separate process is no longer needed in development and that the vast majority of the config now lives in the Webpacker npm package, so your directory stays clean and updates are much easier.

If no regressions are found, expect the final releases Monday, July 24, 2017.

Here are the checksums for 5.1.3.rc1: $ shasum -a 256 *-5.1.3.rc13716fe810ac09651160af680e0622dba606eadc3532dc6100a09bc3dc46d8a79 actioncable-5.1.3.rc19e734dcdb918f269bc027e31430648a58c205842b99c4990d19f33af41862027 actionmailer-5.1.3.rc16f3739bea472a54a27b3982ea246028d4277580e2ff98c6343e07d95d54b29ad actionpack-5.1.3.rc1482286af2d2146f6208e757fa29337dc73f9237c240bca753485992cf906bdb5 actionview-5.1.3.rc12356ecbc1f1393a1577031894074d333fdc6d27e4ab9de796d2b97fff8676b8b activejob-5.1.3.rc1f6ade74444578944fc3b8e376c4b050dda63bb7145abec4777dcb16867b42d30 activemodel-5.1.3.rc172a886347747b61578a2aac1b34715042cb8f67fe43d8e53a2290220d08b8a3c activerecord-5.1.3.rc19220885a9d919430fa08cf72baf922000f7c36266d8f711498b7a6fb711eab2d activesupport-5.1.3.rc1a06eded7f5e2bf1d6ecc69589062966bb701ccb8896d5aac5a6171ff38d037d4 rails-5.1.3.rc1727e65bc8c8fd359997bd1442c152f8628ddc318f68c9fba1ca603dda2db7766 railties-5.1.3.rc1To see the full list of changes, check out all the commits on Git Hub.

All the standard stuff is now living inside the Webpacker npm module, which makes upgrading so much easier.

And you can still overwrite any of the defaults as you please. Additionally, we’ve moved all the compilation and clobber logic out of the Rake tasks and into the Webpacker singleton instance itself.We nixed the need for the separate process by allowing Webpacker to compile on-demand in development as well as testing.We’ve done a lot of work to speed up this process, and for lots of apps, the performance will be more than fine.This makes it easier to use Webpacker in custom setups, like if you don’t use Yarn or have a different deployment strategy than just .This follows from a large refactoring of the Webpacker internals.We still have a bunch of Hello World generators for these four frameworks, so you can get started with development without any manual drudgery of configuration.

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