Updating your computer

30-Mar-2017 08:18 by 10 Comments

Updating your computer

There is no excuse not to virus protection on your PC. Remember: those who write viruses tend to target the individuals who do not update their virus definitions.Most antivirus software now has the built in option to "auto update".

Then schedule your automatic updates for an appropriate time. While not immune to attack Mac viruses are very rare.

And how it affects usability, security and compatibility with other software.

Security Vulnerabilities First and foremost, updates keep you safe from known security holes.

It is as important to stay up-to-date as it is to actually have the antivirus software itself.

Staying informed and updated just makes sense - and saves you money in the long run.

This is especially important when there is a new release available for software you use, because most change logs and update notes reveal previously-known exploits that have already been patched.

Public knowledge of these exploits leaves your application easy prey for malicious users who are out to exploit these now known issues.

Most of the time an up-to-date operating system will improve the reliability, security and speed of your computer greatly.

Not to mention that new i Pod or i Touch you just got, won't work with Widows XP Sevice Pack 2.

One of the most overlooked features on computers today is the built in ability to automatically update software.

Keeping your operating system up-to-date is vital for a healthy computer in todays environment.

A lot of people buy a computer, get it connected to the internet and use it until something goes horribly wrong (i.e.