Who is aidan turner dating

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Recent news surrounding the 25th Bond film suggests it’s possible that Craig has quietly stepped down, despite becoming the second longest serving 007 this week, and that producers are holding secret auditions for the next star to take on the role.

Avoiding eye contact, Turner looked a little shifty, as though he was hiding something. A few weeks later Elba caused a stir in a Valentine’s Day video where he gets dating advice from kids.But how would we know that MGM is holding auditions in secret?Well the recent actions of Aidan Turner and Idris Elba, who are just behind the other two Bond favourites at the bookies, suggests its likelihood.Turner's agent did not wish to comment on reports of his engagement.Even dressed down in leather jacket and jeans, luxuriant mane in a tight ponytail, Aidan Turner looks every inch the leading man.The actress plays Demelza in the hit BBC drama which returns next month.

She told Vogue magazine she is not immune to the charms of Turner, whose shirtless appearance as Ross Poldark with a scythe was one of the most talked-about moments from the first series.

It's tempestuous and that seems to fit the tone right this year.

A source quoted by the newspaper said: "They are a really close and happy couple, and marriage is the logical next step for them. Both of them don't really go for the glitzy side of showbusiness; they're happier spending quiet evenings playing Scrabble." Turner is currently appearing in BBC period drama Poldork as the gallant Ross, who returned from war to find his true love engaged to another man.

Could all these actors be screen testing to start filming this summer?

The evidence certainly suggests something is going on, but fans will have to wait until an official announcement is made by MGM.

Over the first three episodes, he has gained legions of female fans for scenes which see him galloping across Cornwall on horseback and working topless in the field.