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to Steven Lars Webber) and left town, to keep him safe from Heather's plotting.

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In late December of 2010 and early January of 2011, Steven organizes a ski trip sponsored by the hospital.His sister Elizabeth allows Steven to take her son Cameron Spencer on the trip. Both Steven and Cam are okay, but Olivia Falconeri is badly injured.Steve stays with her and keeps her alive while they are awaiting rescue.In September 2004, the character returned being portrayed by Shaun Benson. In late 2009, Scott Reeves was cast in the role, with Steve initially on recurring status as the head of the ER trauma unit at General Hospital.Steven's parents are Jeff Webber and Heather Grant.His paternal grandfather is General Hospital's former chief of staff and one of the show's original characters, Steve Hardy. When Steven was conceived in 1976, Jeff was a newlywed, married to Monica Bard, who was having an affair with Jeff's brother Rick Webber.

Jeff then had an affair with Heather, a scheming nanny, though when Heather became pregnant, Jeff told her to get an abortion, since he wanted to stay with his wife Monica.In December of 2009, Monica Quartermaine announces that she is resigning as Chief of Staff of GH and that her replacement has been chosen. Steven Webber is excited to take on the job of his late grandfather and namesake Dr. He says that he has been working in Memphis as the head of a hospital trauma unit.He later also states when he was 13, his grandfather told him to never show up empty handed when taking a girl out. Steven Lars "Steve" Webber, MD is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. Jeff Webber and his ex-wife, super villain, Heather Webber. He was portrayed by Martin Hewitt when the character first appeared on the show at the age of two. Born in 1977, the character has only been portrayed by three actors.He now goes mostly by Steve becomes good friends with his fellow doctors, Robin Scorpio, her husband Patrick Drake, and Lisa Niles.

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