Who is ed from the bachelor pad dating

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Who is ed from the bachelor pad dating - realty tv casting dating show

After rolling the Embarrassing Flashbacks reel, Harrison quickly directs the conversation towards Kalon and Lindzi. “Be careful, that’s it.” This type of potential slander is probably nothing new to Lindzi — provided she has an internet connection — and Harrison, not wanting Erica Rose to tarnish one of the franchise’s “success” stories, doesn’t linger in this unpleasant territory. Stagliano, won’t you please take your place in the hot seat?

“She tried to leave on me three times, knowing that it would screw me over… “How many of you guys went into this and said, ‘I can’t wait to win 5,000’? Team closes the evening with a roundup of soundbites from the housemates over the season, all of whom are drastically underestimating the man who just stole 0,000 from their grubby little hands.

“I think you’re very socially awkward,” she tells Jamie. And Stag isn’t helping his case by getting defensive about his behavior.

“And I think you don’t know how to communicate with girls.” Eventually, Harrison brings the discussion back to Blakeley and her burgeoning relationship with Tony. “As soon as you called me and said, ‘Can you come talk in my hotel?

“I really didn’t think she was capable of screwing me over like that,” she says.

“It’s one of those, forgive and never forget.” That said, Jaclyn’s still “torn” about whom to vote for when the time comes — especially since she was certain was hers to lose.

Is this a sincere apology or just a last-minute Hail Mary for votes?

Either way, I hope Chris’ dad really give him a verbal spanking — though he probably could have used a real one as well.

“I felt like we were on the same page after that night,” he explains, and clearly even he doesn’t believe his own words.

The audience’s silent disapproval blankets the proceedings — and then Rachel drops the real bombshell.

“I still feel horrible about it.” Not feeling horrible for his amoral actions? “You can’t regret things you can’t change,” he replies, not realizing that those are the things you can regret. She played the game, she made it to the end, she deserves to win.” Oh, how selfless!

“I know you’re not going to vote for me, Jamie, but I am sorry,” he barks. (Except for the part about you almost definitely getting half if Sarah wins.) And the polls are open! Take a seat and watch as Nick and Rachel enter their separate deliberation rooms to decide whether they’ll vote to keep or share the money.

” NEXT: “I’m a schmuck with 0,000.” Is it, though? Like the first two winners before you, there’s no doubt you’ll vote “SHARE” too, right? ever would have put their money on me to be here and win this,” Nick begins.

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