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Shamans ( wireenun ) concerned themselves with curing illness and communicating with their dream spirits, who were often sent out on information-gathering missions.The Kamilaroi believed in an "All Father," the moral and kindly deity in the sky who received the souls of good Aborigines upon their death. The Euahlayi Tribe: a Study of Aboriginal Life in Australia. THank-you very much this website has helped me alot with my assighnment at my primary school.

Men typically hunted, cleaned, and prepared the game for cooking.It's a deeply moving and spiritual experience, and one in which all Gamilaroi ancestors and friends are made welcome.I am a descendant of the Kamilaroi Tribe, and Moree has been mentioned with that. I havn't read the full article on this site yet but will do so soon.The sibs were members of one or the other matrimoieties.Intersecting with these groups based on kinship and descent were the four marriage classes, all of which were common to both matrimoieties.The Kamilaroi language, which is no longer spoken, is classified in the Pama-Nyungan Family of Australian languages.

The Kamilaroi were nomadic hunters and gatherers with a band-level social organization.But that is just my opinion :) very interesting article, thank you.Look online for information on the annual Myall River Massacre commemoration ceremony, which is held over the first weekend in June, and come along.Important vegetable foods were yams and other roots, as well as a sterculia grain, which was made into a bread.Insect larvae, frogs, and eggs of several different animals were also gathered.Rites were held to encourage the propagation of totems.

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