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Many of the parks were originally created or shaped by nationally acclaimed architects, planners, landscape designers or artists, such as Daniel H.Burnham, Frederick Law Olmsted Sr., Jens Jensen, Alfred Caldwell and Lorado Taft.

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While staff photographers produced the bulk of the images following the 1934 park commission consolidation, a significant number come from other sources.CPD hosts thousands of special events and cultural, nature, sports and recreational programs.It remains the nation’s leading provider of green space and recreation.Although the three park commissions operated independently, the overall goal was to create a unified ribbon of green that would encircle Chicago.The three agencies each commissioned their own designers to create pleasure grounds and interlinking boulevards that could be enjoyed by the whole city.To reduce duplication of services, streamline operations and gain access to funding through President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, voters approved the Park Consolidation Act of 1934, which established the Chicago Park District (CPD).

In order to create jobs, the newly established CPD hired architects, engineers and landscape architects to produce record plans and drawings that provide a detailed understanding of the park buildings and landscapes as they appeared in the 1930s.The smaller park districts often wanted to build fieldhouses, and many of them hired local architect Clarence Hatzfeld to design their buildings.By 1934, all of Chicago’s 22 park districts were hindered by the Great Depression.Photographs made and/or printed from the 1970s forward do not usually include source notes unless they are the result of construction projects or commissions.Notable among the latter are works created by photographers James Iska and Judith Bromley, both of whom documented parks in service of Julia Bachrach’s book, .Olmsted also helped transform Jackson Park into the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 and return the site to parkland after the fair closed. These parks, which included the nation’s first fieldhouses, were described by President Theodore Roosevelt as “the most notable civic achievement in any American city.” During this period, Prairie style visionary Jens Jensen served as the General Superintendent and Chief Landscape Architect for the entire West Park System.

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