Why is warhawk not updating

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You will be particularly vulnerable to any vehicle that the enemyhappens to be using.However, the infantry role is easily the most versatile,despite its limitations in terms of speed and durability.

Minimal means that only a fewbars of health will be taken away even with a direct hit.Note 2: All buttons/controls listed are for the default control set-up.Note 3: The rating system I use for damage is something like this: Lethal meansthat it is a one shot kill if it directly hits.Normally it will begin right in front of you; ready to be picked up.Dispatching the average soldier will consume around one magazine if the enemy is at full health.All Infantry weapons will be rated in five categories: Range, Damage, Usefulness, Rate of Fire (Referred to as "Ro F"), and Overal (scale of 1-5).

Following that, I will include tips by me and anyone that wishes to submit a tip to the FAQ.

It is of course better than charging a flame-thrower wieldingfoe with a knife, but it's still not that great.

Fighting Against: Pull out a superior weapon and you can pretty easily defeat the enemy.

Guide Includes primarily Infantry weapon information and no tips from persons other than myself.

Version 1: Finished writing the guide on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at am after spending between 8-9 hours and making numerous edits and corrections.

Moderate means thatthe weapon will take away several bars per shot, but it will still take severalshots in order to kill the target.

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