Women dating blue collar

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Women dating blue collar - online dating services bay area

I got my advanced art degree in an Art institute but my "career" has nothing to do with art right now.

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he was good looking, gentle/suave, guitar playing type.He's probably more useful.a woman from an affluent background with a lower class fella?never seen it as a serious relationship but have as an ons.But in order to "survive" or have decent income, I am part of my family business.It brings me a good income and allows me to have a good life here in southern California.in fact, he pretty much told her to stop hanging out with me (and we were good friends too) if she wanted to stay together with him.

when i asked her about it once, she says that at work she is hard as nails and tough, and when she comes home, she just likes someone else to be in control.

For what it's worth, I can beat him when we watch Jeopardy, because I know the answers to obscure facts.

That being said, when things go wrong at home, I can always trust him to fix it, whether it's dealing with tools or idiot customer service.

imho, and generally, woman are very concerned about social status, "compatibility".

i think it happens all the time with online dating sites, you pretty much can tell one's social-economic background by their pics and what they write. i had a friend who was a prosecutor and she was cute, very personable, maybe just a little bit too much junk in the truck but some guys like that.

It might be harder if we were raised very differently.